Drivel on EU subsidies

Sometimes I catch on TV advertising and the EU funds. All of which we can build for them, we can get as we improve our lives and future. This makes us really considered dirty? Do we really think that the European Union is something we can?

In every way, with each building on each farm, B & B or boutique in imported goods, which have been built with contributions from EU funds is a big sign that warns that the EU has contributed to the building. EU authorities have thus do advertising, we pay us.

Every normal person knows that Europe nor the European Union is not their money. Produces nothing but stupid directives of which does not have the money. Only tax. Member States’ contributions to the common budget. And the Member States on these contributions are tax citizens and companies (if not just tax breaks, but yeah …). So if the EU is trumpeting somewhere in the world that he has contributed somewhere and just kindly give citizens taxes from them previously selected. Violence, under the threat of jail if they fail to pay.

And even at that dictate how and when they will be used.

The candidate for contributions and subsidies from EU needs to develop appropriate documentation, spreadsheets, budgets, project, preferably through an agency for money, and after approval of the project must invest some of their money (or credit) to him after checking the documentation, implementation and budget kindly paid the promised subsidies. A buzerovali, check left their papers to finalize.

Slovakia reportedly contributes less to the common budget of the Union, it has allocated money for different budgets. On the other hand, sometimes our rulers eyed admit that Slovakia does not receive as many grants as you could. Estimates of the total real spending vary according to the season and retaliation between 20-50% of the possible drawdown. So actually we contribute to the EU budget more than we draw. In other words, we are paying for the Union.

If we were not members of the association samolikvidačného, ​​we would not have them and thus contribute to people and businesses do not have to pay so much tax. And for my money they could themselves build a new bus waiting area, treatment plant or vyasfaltovať street hassling without unnecessary and costly paperwork.

I feel sick when I see on TV or in magazine advertising policy on how our subsidies from the European Union something to help. They are our money on which first fueled someone to give us then we dictate how we use your money.

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