Hyenas in Telekom

Fixed phones already use few of ordinary people when it remains mainly pensioners of inertia. Mobile is yet operational and can reach your anywhere, you also be allowed from where you are. What if a health problem is a big advantage, telephone line in the next room is useless to you if you do not know her to crawl.

I’ve met a familiar street, already an older woman, a widow. Council threw a few words. Among other things mentioned that she had a problem with a fixed line, he could not get through to anyone nor it is not managed. Because he had to call relatives on cell phone, which she always decoy but especially to that firm. Those retirees believe that the will of a solid favorable for them. What now, old school.

So he went to the Telekom point of sale in order them malfunction reported. There they really helped.

First, they gave no pickets on failures to get the phone call itself. And then it based on the notified telephone landline “explained” that she ended her two-year commitment of which had at that landlines and persuaded her to once again signed a new committed, because apparently it will be more fixed.


Other words such as swine and Hyena me in the context of the workers’ point of sale to Telekom pensioners inconspicuous. Often on television and other media sifted procedure traders for sales events, connected with bus tours and lunch for “a few dollars” trying to force a defenseless pensioner unnecessary items at overpriced rates, Bohemia aptly named “Šmejdi” but I have to write that tripe can be found elsewhere, not only in the restaurant lounge.

I do not care whether a worker / ČKA, which / and to manipulate / A pensioner to sign a commitment of Telecom, although it does not bring anything that is a direct employee of Slovak Telekom or not. Blame for access falls on the head of Telekom, whose sign hangs over the trade and the services used by Ms.

Germans today do not have to attack us Stukas and tigers. For your money you bastard hires directly from our Slovak and among those for crumbs from the cake are willing to mislead and manipulate their countrymen. Deprive them of their money and move them to Gągor media. Treason to their own nation should be punished exemplarily and to warn other minions.

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