Is there a threat of accommodation price raise in Slovakia?

Since the 1st of April 2015 the legislative acts about using the cash machines extend the list of people required using them by accommodation owners. Until now, the earning receipt was absolutely enough for little self-employer who was renting only some rooms in turistic area but from this spring he will be forced to buy a cash machine. Is this really how our greedy government imagines the improvement of our tourist traffic? Or is this some kind of support for little and middle sized bussiness?

If the government isn’t able to assure enough job opportunities for its residents of whom it takes taxes from, it just should be happy that the resident- tax payer provide food and money for himself and enough for paying the taxes. For instance in Slovak Paradise the state roads are so devastated that not only you can’t ride bicycle on them but there is also problem with passing them by car and to get to the Dedinky village, stay there for some time and spend money. And I can’t even imagine, that I should travel for work to the Spišská Nová Ves with the road through Grajnár. I guess we should be happy that some tourists will travel here by train, some of them survive the asphalt catastrophe and they let the old towners earn some money, otherwise all those houses would yawn from emptyness and our tourists would take their money to Czech republic or Austria.

Officialy, the aim of the government is to cut down on the tax avoidance. But who still believes this bullshit except the local pub guests who drink away their money and family bonuses from state with the cheap beer from the dust concentrate? Small self-employer will have hard times when paying VAT (value added tax) for the government who takes his „piatok“ (two times more than the middle ages time church tax called decimae – obligatory tax) for each rented bed costing a few euros? Or does the government think this small self-employed accommodation owner won’t admit all the earnings in cash from the domestic tourists? Is it possible that he would put aside some hundreds of euros and thereby lower the tax? If it was so, would the old man eat this cash? If it was so, he would spend this money in local grocery, carservice or furniture shop, for him to eat, fix his car that has been broken on the damaged roads and to change the furniture in his small rooming house. But the government thinks that it would spend old man’s money better way as he would spend them himself.

But when it’s not about VAT then what it is about? Allegedly, small bussinessmen will be able to get their cash machines online. Therefore they will be forced to have a computer, pay internet monthly and print their earning receipts online. Is this the real reason? The system for government taxes has to be designed by someone, then delivered, fixed… From recent experiences it will cost 50 million euros I guess. From the money of tax payers. So therefore it’s not about dentists and small accommodation providers but it’s all about earning money for some chosen company from the money of us all.

And what about this man who provides accommodation of 4 beds in 2 rooms in attics of his house? He will be forced to buy the cash machine for some hundreds of euros. But with the experiences with our government it would be good to get his investment back in year or two because one never knows what our government comes back again with. And the result of this is rising of the prise of accommodation in Slovakia for some euros per day. And it definitely won’t help the prosperity of our tourism in industry undeveloped areas without job opportunities. And we will be happy if some of our accommodation providers won’t end their business, let everything be ruined and will go ask the state for money.

Each government declares support to the small and middle sized business and the development of tourism. In verbal statesments. But in practise they do all they can for us not to want to travel or even be able to travel.

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