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post Modern society is based on the division of labor and specialization. If you want bread, you go buy it in the shop for what you did bake baker and imported driver. Each does its job and does not need to know everything that makes it more powerful and efficient. To send a letter to someone, you wrap it in an envelope, write the address and leave it to take care of. They know where and how to deliver.

Post has even systems like deliver letters to the addressee is not reachable at the address mentioned on the sheet. And it is not just about a one legendary yellow and blue leaves notification that you say the postman at the time of the visit you were not at home and you have yourself to go to the post office and stand a series of receipt of the shipment.

Post operates a post office box service and doposlania. You will be traveling for a month or two years at the opposite end of the Republic and is able to post each consignment sent to your new address, regardless of the sender knows it. You just need to know the address of your residence.

And mailboxes are fine. They use mostly their companies but also private individuals. Simply add the package to the post office, but the postman instead of dragging into the cabins, where you still finds and extracts oznámenku throws you a letter to a folder. When a larger consignment oznámenku. You can arrive in the mail when you want (within the opening hours of course) and load a folder of choice. How simple, dear Watson.

Me, however, regularly for several years, becoming one thing. Messengers can not find me at residence, since there for years do not live, I live with my girlfriend. Sometimes it tested if it is those unemployed in activation work (and let’s not have illusions that they are not in employment, just because there is no robots) somehow become aware of the place and my office. To which I go when I want and how I want, usually when I need some paper. Because I have internet and printer and with the girlfriends and chat. So why should I spend time in some office?


For completeness, I should add that these are our messengers Municipality of the town at the end of the world. Wow officials to spare the money from our taxes, and cast them as something else entirely, delivering official documents as it only fair to write, lay messengers. Unaware of the existence of the secrecy of correspondence, do not know the streets in the city and certainly not its people. Because who does not know me in this city, there’s a tenderfoot or full trotl.

After those two months, they finally manage to somehow find me and delivered mostly a reminder of non-payment of property tax and garbage fee. Last employer through my girlfriend. With a bunch of stuff about how the vain looking at residence. The address that you have written on the envelope with acknowledgment of receipt, which ultimately left on the counter in the store.

Dear Mr. Mayor, dear gentlemen officers, dear messengers city authorities. Fuck it out. Simply, give that envelope to the post office. They already know that I have to give mail folder and be there and that your letter about taxes. I pay them on time and then we will all be happy.

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