10 most beautiful roads in Slovakia

Tunnel Stratena

Tunnel Stratena

See the most beautiful roads in Slovakia.

Soroška, Manínska Gorge and motorway D1 of the Tatras. These are three of the top ten roads in Slovakia, which emerged from the tips to the public and opinion of the jury in the project Shell Parade ride.

Jurors also sought public favorite and most beautiful stretches of roads in Slovakia, which bring pleasure and enjoyment of driving.

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Slovenský raj, Dedinky: Where to eat

dinner Everyone has to eat and a tourist in Slovak Paradise is not an exception. During the summer vacation, when there is short summer touristic season you have more options and it’s totally up to you wheather you take the first thing you see or you will think about who you give your money for the food. During the last august weekend we tried several places and now we are going to share our experiences with you. Continue reading

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Grajnár and the end (of the world)

Grajnar After the Friday trip westside from Dedinky, on Saturday 30th of August I planned for us a cyclo trip do the east. I’ve let the eastest point of our trip opened for how we will feel after visiting the river spring of Hron. Hnilec, Novoveská Huta or Hnilčík were in account in the most optimistic version.
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To the river spring of Hron

Pramen Hrona On Friday 30th of August the weather forecast was pretty decent so we headed on our first cyclotour from Dedinky. I have planned longer route up to Nízke Tatry, to the riverhead of Hron under the Kráľova Hoľa mountin. With the reserve plan, if we would like it, of going up to Telgárt or alternatively we will have lunch and then climb up back to mountains.
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Eurosport: The Advertisement for Slovakia

Dedinky I like watching broadcasting of the cyclist races not only because of great sport performances that can be seen but also because of the beautiful regions and cultural and historical monuments. Tour de France, Vuelta Espaňa, races across the Britain or Turkey give us the opportunity to dip into the beauty of the countries. And in the breaks we see advertisements for other countries that allure us to visit them. Continue reading

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Cyclists, you are out of the game again

share This is the name of the article from Juraj Droba which has been posted on blog.sme.sk and has been commenting about disapproval of changing the proposal to the Law on Road Trafficon the Parliament meeting. One of the proposalsdealed with the issue of cyclists and it was meant to avoid the arogance of automobile drivers toward cyclists. It was from the same circuit of regulationsas keeping the 70 metres distance between cars on the highway. But in the end its better that it hasnt been approved.
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