Play with time

This week, the regular morning wake up an hour later than last week. No, I neponocujem longer than I used to, nor did some extremely tired. I actually becoming increasingly the same hour, around six in the morning. Only the watch is already seven. And when some sleep a little longer, suddenly almost eight. This Sunday we switched to daylight saving time.

I hate to death these regular changes. At a time when it does everywhere in production in three shifts, which are office buildings and sprawling floodlit I find it perverse to argue that the transfer time of an hour forward in the spring and then an hour back in the fall to save some energy. Only as people scatter biorhythm, only what their naštveme. This is the same nonsense as the mandatory lighting a car on a sunny day.

In the evening I go to sleep when I live tired in the morning I wake up when I vyspatý. I do not use an alarm clock and, in exceptional cases, before the long journey wake on mobile. I so feel free to get up at seven in the morning. Just me bored rebuilt twice a year all the clocks in the apartment, in cars, on the thermometer. Mobile phone and computer automatically cease to be me, fortunately.

There were already several attempts to repeal the now meaningless resetting of time. But each time found some jerk initiative, ergo EU officials, who proposed to extend this nonsense about the next few years.

If you need to communicate with someone in the official working hours, the day I shortened the real six hours. The first hour of the morning, when I still does not work and it cuts the other at work. And in the afternoon, when I was active only in companies like no one picking up the phone. Luckily you those six hours are enough to me to deal with any officialdom and other work done in “his” time, no matter how much a dispatcher at the station. Only by this nonsense really should finally abolished.

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