Senior account is not always serious

Bank considers reputable institutions now perhaps no one can. Spoileth people, where you can and call them “clients”. They pose for them not only a source of money from fees, and it will not stop even before the old people. Exploiting their ignorance, or introducing confusing terms, only to suck them the most money. I recently heard again in the restaurant “interesting” story, which featured one of the largest, now former, Slovak banks. Deliberately I will not name Red Blue pot, because it can work similarly in other bank in Slovakia.

With an older mistress, obviously old-age pensioners, interviewed at the next table probably her daughter. It started with that old lady obviously wanted to show off in front of the young as it is handy and showed her credit card, she get a bank account. To avoid having to go to the post office pension. the question of what a card received a reply: “VISA”. “Visa What?” Was the question again. The old lady was clearly taken aback that there are a number of VISA cards learned right now. Well zakontrovala documents pointing to the collection of fees for living in an apartment and a cell phone. It does not have to go to the post office and standing there in line. And apparently for each payment at a bank card to return a percentage. The younger of the two solicited and other documents that the old lady had to account and cards to each other and subsequent shower of words heard almost the whole day.

“Twenty cents for each ATM withdrawal? Two euros for withdrawing from a foreign ATM? Twenty cents per payment order at the counter in a bank? Are you serious? According to picking out something where you open an account? ”

“Well, this is the closest bank,” was uncertain answer. “And besides, this is a senior account with no monthly fees.”

“I Nafigate an account with no monthly fees you pay fees every time you use the card or you turn around at the bank to get them to say hello! After all, the card actually can not even use it! Why you were not consulted in advance before leading back anything stupid? ”

In spirit, I agreed with the younger of the two. Some old lady lives in the spirit of bygone times when the elderly respected, today they just steal from all sorts of scum. Pay for the credit card payment your money? That’s where we are? Pay for it to get from the ATM choose your own money? It’s been really no guarantee anything?

Fortunately, there are banks that have not only a free account management, as well as ATM withdrawals, after meeting certain conditions, and also free for card payments in the shop also pay nothing. Banks need to worry about where their money is used.

Open the account with a bank that does not deceive you.

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