Since 2014 all trucks are supposed to have road census control device

trafficc_ongestion The government has come up with news for all the owners of over 3,5 tons trucks. They must have road census control device although they ride only on tax free roads. And it doesn’t matter wheather the owner is a company or a private person.

Since the January 1st 2014 road tax is applied on the roads of second and third class with zero tariff. And what does it mean for the truck owners? They are supposed to get census control device because they are not allowed to drive without it.

The advance deposit for the device is 50 euros. At the same time there have to be another 50 euros paid in credit although the vegicle doesn’t drive across taxed roads. Every big or small truck owner who drives only across non taxed roads will have to pay 100 euros for the government and those are just thrown away money which doesn’t bring them anything in return. Skytoll as the service operator is planning to release over 20 thousand road census control devices which means around 2 milion euros in „someones“ pocket.

And the government will have certain overlook about every single truck in Slovakia. Stalking of one’s own citizens and companies now gets brand new dimension. Instead of creating environment for the best and easiest business and the lowest possible taxes (so that it’s better to pay regularly than cheat) the government creates still more and more obligations and responsibilities and offers still less and less possibilities.

It’s enough to look at the quality of rural district roads. Not cutted grass along the roads offer variety of hideaways for forest animals which run to your car immediately and can destroy ones car. Damaged roads cost car owners more and more money for maintenance and spare parts and tyres and there’s no need to talk about winter maintenance. Simply awfull. For all that the government takes money not only from road tax (for districts) but also consumption tax for gas and other fuels and VAT of fillings too.

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