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Drivel on EU subsidies

Sometimes I catch on TV advertising and the EU funds. All of which we can build for them, we can get as we improve our lives and future. This makes us really considered dirty? Do we really think that the … Continue reading

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Just sent it by mail

Modern society is based on the division of labor and specialization. If you want bread, you go buy it in the shop for what you did bake baker and imported driver. Each does its job and does not need to … Continue reading

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The government has a turnover of € 500. Where do you put them?

For many companies, the end of June is the deadline for filing the tax return and payment of tax on corporate profits. I have just returned from the bank, where I took home an order to pay and the tax … Continue reading

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Since 2014 all trucks are supposed to have road census control device

The government has come up with news for all the owners of over 3,5 tons trucks. They must have road census control device although they ride only on tax free roads. And it doesn’t matter wheather the owner is a company … Continue reading

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Fico is frivoling again our money away towards nouveau riches

Some years ago our government tried to support an owner of ski lift because it wasn’t snowing. Now the government declares an ambition to support domestic tourist industry by supporting people to spend their holidays in Slovakia. Every normal person … Continue reading

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