The government has a turnover of € 500. Where do you put them?

For many companies, the end of June is the deadline for filing the tax return and payment of tax on corporate profits. I have just returned from the bank, where I took home an order to pay and the tax paid. In doing so, the State has robbed five hundred.

Most people have fixated on March 31 as the latest deadline for the payment of taxes. But if you ask for a postponement, under certain conditions you can get. And why should I not asked and did not pay the quarterly thereafter, when can I? And why do I think that the government has robbed?

Because conditions changed mid-game.

When I finished the last job, I left the company to set up a specialized company. I became sole shareholder and director of a limited company. Because the conditions that then prevailed in Slovakia about trade but I did not like one bit. Especially contributions. Regardless of the amount of earnings, regardless of time or lack of orders. I company with a vision not based zdierania poor workers and at the expense of the exports are on the expensive SUV or in order to build a multinational holding with huge profits at the expense of its customers. I needed a legal framework for it so that I can carry out their work, knowing her invoice and pay tax in accordance with applicable regulations.

Basically I paid from revenues for office, internet, cell phone, an accountant and some trinkets. Once every few years a new PC. Everything else could go for my wages. A levy a tax on it. Where profits when they are inherently opportunity to feed themselves through their work and be better off than at an office job. And it’s better for the labor office does not worry me, not worth the money. So if I after payment of all fees and expenses paid by himself the rest as wages and state levies like, I could stay “gain” one hundred euros, of which I would pay the state tax and twenty as we went on.

But that was not allowed by the government to devise additional tax license. The license fee business. Tax for the state you’re in the neck, but nourished itself and even here a bunch of freeloaders around. Because they are my customers primarily of the company, VAT payers, and my company is VAT registered. Thus tax license in my case amounts to € 960 per year. I have exactly the same today sent a dysfunctional state healthcare, education devastated and destroyed roads. The only thing that works, the fighters overhead, artillery cannonade at a nearby training area, thus preparing for war. But who threatens us?

Were it not for the license, released by me tax rates of less than 500 euros. And if I did not save on wages, that is, from a sales shorten payment that I’m on the damn license spared, I would have had a higher salary, for which I spent more at shops in the city and thus “Support for small and medium business” in your neighborhood.

But my friends and acquaintances that money received plus yourself having to pay the same amount as me. Thus, the state robbed not only me but also other entrepreneurs. Ran out of money in the region, he has made him even poorer. The government thinks it knows my money ‘better than I would have spent it myself.

I do not think so.

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