We Analyze Biogases!

Air LF biogas analyzer can be considered an innovation in the field of landfill gas and biogas measurement. It is a device which serves to detect the composition of biogases and gases arising from spontaneous anaerobic decay within landfills. What is it good for? Using it, you can make your production substantially more efficient! The better and more specific information you get from a biogas analyzer on a specific biogas, the more efficient and easier you will be working with it.

Accurate Measurement and Clearly Available Data

The key and unique features of gas analyzer include an accurate detection of biogas composition. This device can continue to monitor such data. To have as much information about them as possible, there is a function for sending them to the air-aseko.cz cloud server. You only need an Internet access and a functional LAN cable and you have all the data readily available in a clear layout.

Connection: Keep It Simple!

Speaking of the possibilities of connection, the biogas analyzers have them solved in a simple way, both the actual connection of the measured gases to the device, and subsequently the connection of the device to a control system. In the first case, the connection is realized using stainless steel or plastic tubes contained in an analyzer package, in the second case, it is an external connection terminal.

The Analyzers Are Tailor-Made

A specific design of the entire biogas analyzer solution is not universally given. It is always adapted according to each customer. After expressing their needs and preferences and an individual measurement assessment, a specific analyzer connection into its system is designed. It is thus highly flexible and personalized service which every good customer will appreciate.

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