We are independent. For what?

znak50 In this recent holidays consumerism and lukulského gluttony many people either made no reference to there’s anniversary (next) independence of Slovakia. After successfully controlled secret police coup in 1989, Czechoslovakia lomcovala first hyphen war and then scramble the competence of national governments. The result of intrigues corrupt or naive politicians with the help of useful idiots here is independent Slovakia. What then do we have?

While television and newspapers, which at that time were widely sold, bring on the negotiations of the Czech and Slovak political “representation” few who realize what is happening. And so today we have a fully independent and sovereign Slovakia.

But the gas industry is not Slovak. Power is not Slovak. Or telecommunications are not Slovak and even television are not Slovak. Not even water is not the Slovaks, the entire water industry is not Slovak. A large part of land and forests is not Slovak. Nor Slovnaft is not Slovak.

Truth about what is going to happen in Slovakia, has not decided in Prague. They decide in Brussels. The prices of goods and services or wage has not decided in Prague, but also in Bratislava … While in the past the rates of our crown was given to control the ratio of imports and exports of goods and tariffs to protect the domestic market before the flood of junk food and textile, now on the euro decided by foreign and in our market we poor bastards on the shelves of foreign supermarket chains which profits are exported to countries that subsidize exports of its domestic agricultural production.

Slovaks in the past to earn better pay in the Czech Republic. Today, over twenty years after independence from the Czechs, already earning a minimum of guys going to the Czech Republic. Earning women go to Austria and Germany, wipe asses the old and sick people. In Austria, the work is prohibited on weekends, but with us the Austrians owned companies doing nonstop…

Since the fall of the Roman Empire, about what will happen with us, we decided in the Frankish empire with the help of domestic henchmen. You could say that it had already begun expulsion Cyril and Methodius and the “establishment” Frankish priests. Distribution Slavs in the Czechs and Poles as the establishment of the archbishop for Eastern (Poland) the proportion of and submission of the Czech Christian Frankish priest happened to have created two smaller countries and partitioned language. Today, Czechs and Poles together to finish. And in 1993, the division of Czechoslovakia been dismantled another strong stand on two small and young children do not understand Slovak Czech fairy tales and vice versa.

If there’s a strong Slovakia, easily could happen to the Orange coup in Ukraine and the Russian occupation of Crimea originally again Russia would have claimed the Czechoslovak Ruthenia, which we took by force the Russians after World War II. And the color revolutions sower zrejem not fit.

Today, the industry and trade of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic divided between the Germans and the French. We need only think of mobile operators (T-Mobile and Orange) and sewerage (Veolia France) and gas industry, grocery…

We are independent. And what does this have?

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