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Who earns the cheaper gas?

With great pomp the highest representative of the government of Slovakia announced our people cheaper gas and a refund of overpaid from the advance payment. Against such a step can not be challenged, although a reduction in gas prices has … Continue reading

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Drivel on EU subsidies

Sometimes I catch on TV advertising and the EU funds. All of which we can build for them, we can get as we improve our lives and future. This makes us really considered dirty? Do we really think that the … Continue reading

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Homeless in racks

At each house or apartment block are waste containers. Mankind has developed more or less effective way of removing waste from their surroundings. But what it is waste for one may be the kinds of materials or raw materials. Now … Continue reading

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Hyenas in Telekom

Fixed phones already use few of ordinary people when it remains mainly pensioners of inertia. Mobile is yet operational and can reach your anywhere, you also be allowed from where you are. What if a health problem is a big … Continue reading

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