Who earns the cheaper gas?

With great pomp the highest representative of the government of Slovakia announced our people cheaper gas and a refund of overpaid from the advance payment. Against such a step can not be challenged, although a reduction in gas prices has been caused by global proportions internationally and our Lord Precedence did not have the slightest influence, regardless of the number of clicks. But when you read mechanism recovery of sums overpaid, rational person will brighten and begin to ask: Who does it benefit? Who is at it again Nabal?

In the mailbox we discovered partisan newspaper that the direction of praise when you do not want others to praise. And in them is written in black and white (old uncle Mr. President forgive) the end of 2015 and beginning of that future households will receive postal order. Each flat ten euros when using gas for cooking. Those who receives the mansion to get more, between 14 and 165 euros. Those who have taken a lot of gas, in the words of the Prime Minister “fuel pools” do not get anything.

Do not you at least a little strange?

The monthly payments and advances for energy and water, and annual clearance works on the principle that the estimated consumption and prices are calculated wretched, the monthly salary, and after clearing advances and actual consumption and prices, calculate the difference. Refund the arrears, unpaid us to restore or account for next year and also adjust the advance payment. What has suffered is lifted, what is returned is reduced.

And all of a sudden lump vomiting. Regardless of the actual consumption. Whether I live alone and cook for just a Powder soups or live in an apartment five and still broth and cook, SPP us after Fico hit back ten euros. Why do we have then in those flats flow meters gas consumption?

How much does let you print postal orders, pack them in envelopes and distributed to all retail consumers of gas? It will not be cheap when we are all sorts of operators push into electronic invoices to the printing and packaging to avoid. CAP but to all of us to send bills and her ten euros.

When you calculate postage 45 cents, 10 cents an envelope, paper and printing, packaging … we’ll get to the euro? But let the CAP quantity discount, so 70 cents. But as early as this Tunelistane lives before the partisan and distribution of premium repayments will cost two euros and CAP, but go and the election will cost something. Or rather smooth-talker campaign against them. This money could be part of the bill and overpaid. In this way they get to Gągor semi-public company. And from the pockets of ordinary people, citizens and voters pulled their direction in such a way that no one can even notice and still have applauded.

And why would people really be heated pools (or greenhouse) paragraph had my money back? After all, if duly pay advances, had charges by consumption and the price of gas has fallen back, so why not give them their money back?
Because it is a middle class, and this has to be eradicated. Early as the owners pay a compulsory license sro believed to do business and earn to themselves and to the country, now they refuse to return overpayments.

It’s time to do something about it. This is our country.

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