Senior account is not always serious

Bank considers reputable institutions now perhaps no one can. Spoileth people, where you can and call them “clients”. They pose for them not only a source of money from fees, and it will not stop even before the old people. Exploiting their ignorance, or introducing confusing terms, only to suck them the most money. I recently heard again in the restaurant “interesting” story, which featured one of the largest, now former, Slovak banks. Deliberately I will not name Red Blue pot, because it can work similarly in other bank in Slovakia. Continue reading

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Ten cents is not money?

stamp I do not go to the post office happy. For people who work there and for the system, which worked there. Since it is a monopoly but, so somewhere in that bed I have. What there but experiencing it is not a dream, it’s bizarre. Last two days ago, when I was given two sheets. The cat behind the window was perhaps a recent graduate, but it is not even an argument or excuse, it’s just finding. Continue reading

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We are independent. For what?

znak50 In this recent holidays consumerism and lukulského gluttony many people either made no reference to there’s anniversary (next) independence of Slovakia. After successfully controlled secret police coup in 1989, Czechoslovakia lomcovala first hyphen war and then scramble the competence of national governments. The result of intrigues corrupt or naive politicians with the help of useful idiots here is independent Slovakia. What then do we have? Continue reading

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What guests?

I went today for lunch in a little restaurant. I happened to go around, so I took the opportunity. Quite nice simple interior and nice service. The only thing that bothered me was the noise. Or rather loud music. Most restaurants deserts guests with music, too quiet podmaz that the company was not complete silence. Well, here he played music so loud that I could call if someone called. And the people you spoke with at the tables, they had to speak loudly. However, as discussed more in the noise is heard each other. Continue reading

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Play with time

This week, the regular morning wake up an hour later than last week. No, I neponocujem longer than I used to, nor did some extremely tired. I actually becoming increasingly the same hour, around six in the morning. Only the watch is already seven. And when some sleep a little longer, suddenly almost eight. This Sunday we switched to daylight saving time. Continue reading

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I’m a wheelchair, who is more?

invalid Me recently during a pedestrian route through the city by surprise sloping ramp from the sidewalk into one store. Original easy to climb about seven inches long step from the sidewalk through the door frame in retail now accounts for about a meter long and wide sloping ramp. There was me and I went to the store to ask what was going on. Continue reading

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Just sent it by mail

post Modern society is based on the division of labor and specialization. If you want bread, you go buy it in the shop for what you did bake baker and imported driver. Each does its job and does not need to know everything that makes it more powerful and efficient. To send a letter to someone, you wrap it in an envelope, write the address and leave it to take care of. They know where and how to deliver. Continue reading

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The government has a turnover of € 500. Where do you put them?

For many companies, the end of June is the deadline for filing the tax return and payment of tax on corporate profits. I have just returned from the bank, where I took home an order to pay and the tax paid. In doing so, the State has robbed five hundred. Continue reading

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We laugh of Chinese cars. How long?

From time to time in professional and popular magazines message appears on the new Chinese car and its danger to the crew. Looks stunning-great copy the successful model of the world, technology is a fault in the safety tests according to European criteria would not stand. It seems that everyone laughing from low-quality cars from China. Yet recently we rode on such same. Even worse, škaredších and less powerful. Continue reading

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We Analyze Biogases!

Air LF biogas analyzer can be considered an innovation in the field of landfill gas and biogas measurement. It is a device which serves to detect the composition of biogases and gases arising from spontaneous anaerobic decay within landfills. What is it good for? Using it, you can make your production substantially more efficient! The better and more specific information you get from a biogas analyzer on a specific biogas, the more efficient and easier you will be working with it. Continue reading

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